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Why Marquees are good to use at Wedding Venues

Example of a Marquee at a Wedding Venue

When you’re looking around at some of the lovely locations where you can have your wedding reception, have you ever been disappointed at the number of people the wedding venues hold? Or maybe it is the lack of flexibility offered by hotels? There is a solution, and it’s one that’s becoming far more popular with brides who want to be a bit more flexible with the number of guests they can have and the style of their reception.

The chances are you’ve seen a lovely little wedding venue that just wasn’t built to hold the number of guests that you want to invite. Sure, it may be fine for the actual ceremony itself, but when it comes to having the meal, and the traditional dance later on, it just doesn’t have what it takes.

You could, of course, move everyone to one of the bigger wedding venues somewhere else, but that’s not the ideal solution, is it? It’s not, not if you have your heart set on a certain wedding venue already. Then there’s the option of shifting everyone from the ceremony to a bigger (or smaller) hall somewhere else. That’s not really ideal though, right? You may as well just move the wedding venue to there, after all, there’s no telling where some of your guest might end up when moving from location to location.

The best alternative for most people is to look into marquee’s weddings. Ok, that kind of sounds like the whole ceremony is going to be on show for the world to see – some people like that – but what most people mean by marquee weddings is you hold the ceremony at your preferred wedding venue, and have the meal and reception in the marquee. Problem solved, right?

Well, not quite. You do have to make sure that the grounds are going to be big enough to have one of these marquee weddings, and then you’re going to have to make sure that you find a good, reliable, and affordable company who will be able to erect and then remove the marquee for you; you don’t want to be in the middle of your ceremony and keep looking over your shoulder to see if the marquee’s up yet.

Of course, those sorts of problems rarely happen, but it always pays to double check with the company that you hire to make sure that they know exactly when and where they should be. The next thing that you need to look into is the sizes of marquees available.

The size that you get will depend on the number of guests that you have coming to the wedding venue. Just remember though, it’s not only the number of seated guests that you have to take into account, you have to remember that they will be sitting at tables, so allow for that i.e. the grounds of Gaddens, Hampshire, are large enough for 200 guests; 200 seated at round tables would require a marquee of around 60 foot by 40 foot. If you went with long tables you could get 265 guests into the same sized marquee.

That, however, is for people seated at tables. If you plan to leave the tables there, but still have room for dancing, you may have to look at a second marquee to get the reception swinging.

The price that you’ll pay will all depend on the size and number of marquees that you’re using, and the work that the contractors have to do. Some companies not only erect and remove the marquee for you; they can also get involved in a certain amount of decorating of them, too. You’ll have to ask the company what’s included in the costs, and how much extra it is for the additional flourishes.

How do you actually find the best company to provide the marquee for you? If you’ve hired a wedding planner, and tell them that you’re intending on having a marquee wedding, then they should be able to source the best company for you. If you’ve decided to take on the mammoth task of organizing the whole wedding yourself, you could try asking the people at the wedding venue if they know which companies other brides have used, and how it seemed to work out for them on the day. Gaddens for example can offer advice and also recommended suppliers of marquees taking some of the hassle away from you.

When it comes to getting weddings organised, you’re probably under more pressure than anyone else in history, but that’s mainly down to the options you now have when it comes to wedding venues. If you find a place that you like, but the rooms they have are too small, too large, or just too expensive, then consider the option of marquee weddings, and it means you still get to use the wedding venue of your dreams.



  1. Jayne, December 30, 2011
    We have found that modern marquees work on 3metre squares ( 10 feet) & that is very useful for tailoring the size of the marquee to the numbers eating and dancing. Reply